Ways To Easily Beat Addiction

Busting addiction can be hard. If only it can be that easy then a lot of smokers would be able to do it. But, the reality is that smoking, despite its killer reputation, is hard to overcome. Withdrawal symptoms are the usual consequence of quitting. This makes the whole process of quitting hard. It is harder that one may think. Smokers fail eight to 11 times before they are able to get over the addiction. About 45 percent of smokers have attempted with minimal success. Don’t fret because you can push the envelope with a few tips to follow to easily beat your nicotine addiction.

Go tell your friends
Nothing can beat the support of friends. Friends can get you back inside when you’re drifting away from your goal. They are able to assess independently your progress and give you unbiased criticism of your progress. The job of a friend is not to cast abrasive insinuations rather provide help. Smokers can easily fall into a relapse. Friends could help you keep your hands off the pack of cigarettes and make sure you follow through on your goal. A quick reminder and pep talk that a friend can give could surely help you win the battle.

Read towards quitting
Distraction is the best way to ease your way from the cravings from tobacco. The object is to distract the brain from thinking about nicotine. Cravings only last for a few minutes. If you can delay for a few minutes there is a bigger chance you can get over the urges. A good way to delay the cravings is to read a good book. The bookstore may be your best friend as far as getting you off the hook and keep you away from lighting that cigarette. If reading does not make you giddy perhaps eating healthy foods might do the trick. A crunchy carrot or a tablespoon of unsweetened peanut butter can replace the cravings without adding too much calories to your diet.

Bet on your cravings
One way to get richer on your cravings is to bet on it. Try starting a betting game with your best friend. The object is for you to pay up your friend once you go on a relapse. Chances are you will fail but as you continue on betting on yourself you will soon find the impetus and the drive to finally get it on and overcome your addiction. It does not necessarily mean that the bet would be in dollars. You can mow your friend’s lawn for a week or to do the laundry. Of course, we discourage money changing hands.

Find ways to be accountable
The corporate world does this best. Each year employees are subjected to annual appraisals. This method of accountability helps employees to be on their toes always because they can get fired due to poor performance and unable to hit the specific metrics. This can also work with smokers that would find ways to be accountable for their failure to quit smoking. The emotional light houses can be a peer, a pastor or your parents. They may be able to help you get some guidance psychologically, emotionally or spiritually.

Find your weakest link
The weakest link in the quest towards quitting is when triggers happen. Triggers are events or time of day when the brain is reminded about smoking. If you know which are your triggers you can anticipate well when you will be smoking and try to control your urges. This will ultimately train you for better control.

Nothing is nobler than to be able to quit smoking. It is a tough task but a smoker has to do it. The wealth of health benefits awaits the lucky conquistador. For the elimination of smoking adds more years to life.